Helen Orcutt Photography | THE CONCERT SCEENE


We each have our favorite taste in music and there are some artists that made it big from day one and othres who are just starting out.  None the less, they are trying to produce music that they are passionate about and will make us buy their cd's and go to their concerts.

Being in my early 40's, I listen to everything from The Mamas & The Papas, CCR, Lynard Skynard, Van Halen, to Hinder, Saving Abel, Taddy Porter, etc.  My daughter thinks it is so cool that she gets to meet ROCKSTARS.  Me, I'm all about the pictures!  I have made some close friends with some along the way also.  I guess Pookie is right, I have a cool job, but I don't see it as a job.

It has been brought to my attention by many of my friends, "If you get to shoot ------, I'll carry your camera bag for you", but where are they when I am shooting the bands that are making their debut or are an unheard of band?  I choose to give all bands the same type of coverage no matter if they are a well-known headliner or one that is just starting out & if they want to carry my camera bag while shooting them, then they have the chance at when I am front and center for those big names too.  

I told my assistant Victoria, "Hold on, it's going to be one hell of a ride!"ADELITAS WAY 001