I had the pleasure of talking with Tyler Boone on Friday, July 6th, 2012. He is a Charleston, South Carolina native that has wisdom well past his meer 22 years of age. Tyler doesn't just sing in his band, he is a singer, songwriter and musician.

I asked him how long he had been playing music:
"I've been playing music since I was a little kid. I played the trombone in Middle School band and when I got to high school I sold the trombone and I got a Gibson Les Paul guitar and now he plays a Fender American Stratocaster.

What would you classify your Genre as? 
"It started out as Metal, then it changed to Christian - Rock, and now we play Pop, Rock, Blues and sometimes Jazz.

Tyler was telling about an amazing opportunity that he has had; Mark Bryan of Hootie and The Blowfish teaches courses in Music Management at College of Charleston at Charleston, South Carolina. Tyler handed him a song he had written and Mark told him "The lyrics suck!" Mark co-wrote the song with him and a few others.


Most people who sing while wearing headphones cannot carry a tune, the songs are usually flat. How do musicians use headphones or an ear mic and still get a good sound?
"It weird listening through the ear mic for the first time. I try to only wear one so that I can still hear everything else."

When you you play live, does the music sound the same as on the cd?
"Yes. We started out as a 3 piece band and now we are a 4 piece band. We have more instruments now.. Power cords and distortion sound cool, but it makes it almost impossible to do what the record sounds like, since those things are mixed in the studio."

Are there any venues you like playing at more than others?
"Yeah. In Charleston, The Plex (closed) encouraged bands to play there while they were still open. We love a small, cool rock club, The Village Tavern (closed), was our favorite place to play. The Music Farm is and awesome place. Columbia is weird music scene. No structured music set. Our best show was in Atlanta, Georgia. There were 200 people at a local show and it's the most memorable gig we've ever had."

When do you write music?
"When you finnish an album, you start a new one. I'm in writing mode now. You always feel you have something better. You don't want to make the album sound like the last album. Your sound, but no rules. I don't know where the next album is going yet. I feel weird without a guitar around."

Would you like to have your own studio one day?
"If I was stupid, stinking rich it would be cool.

Tyler gave me permission to use the album cover A New Start for this article. I did not take this image.

They can be contacted through all the social medias:
Twitter @TylerBooner

Their sophmore album, A New Start is out and the single, Don't Forget My Name is available for free download at www.tylerboonemusic.com.