The members of Stonecrow are from NE Oklahoma and was formed in February 2011. Jared's parents let them use their shop to practice in on Wednesdays & Sundays for approximately four hours each set. When equipment is needed they do what they can to see that the band has what it needs. At this point they are unsigned, no publicist, they have a semi-professional cd (they did some of the mixing) that they paid to made. So they are ahead of the game; they don't own a management company money from the get go for a cd. They are getting EXCELLENT business advice from someone!

Picture this the opening band is better than the headliner and they talk with the people who paid to come hear them sing. We all know you start at the bottom and they have manners and people skills that the headliner didn't!

The ex-bassist came up with the name for the band and when he left the band, Chase stepped up.

I was interested in knowing if one person writes a song or what was the writing process. Jared told me they all write songs together and Jeremiah has written some full- length songs also. "They usually start out in a jam session." They are used to each other and know each others limits and what it takes to make music work.


They had no single band that they draw inspiration from, they have several: Pantera, Lamb of God,Thrash to Progressive. Chase says his biggest influences are Funk Blues & Jazz.

When asked how do you see the band in 1 year? Jared responded, "More fans, our 1st album released, Stonecrow on the ticket, but most of all bring real metal back!"

Anthony stated, "We are starting to evolve as a group." He doesn't like to be followed on Facebook, he likes to be the stalker and he doesn't do Twitter.

They have been writing more and they value the input of their fans. With the continuing of new songs, they are eager to get recording opportunities.

These young men sing with their heart and soul.

Tony Haynes - drummer

Chase Leapline - bass

Jared Hayden - guitar

Jeremiah Fulton - guitar

Anthony Wishard - vocals`

With a sound deeper than their Oklahoma roots, Stonecrow is down to Earth and eager to make their name known. The unfamiliar melodies and rhythm make up the unique sound that these young men have been striving for. As Jared stated, "We will bring real metal back!" With each song being owned by them all and not just an individual, the music they make is theirs.