The first single is out on their debut album

The complexity of this very upbeat song THE BROKEN had me swaying as it played. As in life, it isn't always clear what is broken, but it is usually us. The metaphoric use of "the picture or the frame", could be compared to how our skin is the frame that is holding our heart in the picture.

There is strong self-realization that "we" are different is very prevalent. "...I am in treatment....the secrets are spoken.....we are the broken".

Vocals and music has the familiar sound of Paramour.

I am ready to hear more from STARS IN STEREO.



The inner feelings of one in or falling out of love cannot be overlooked in the lyrics; "I wonder where I'll end up.....Now I've lost my head, but I'm not looking..."

The change-up from strong vocals to the guitar solo and drums was my favorite part of this song, unfortunately.

I was left with wanting to know more.



Has a lighter sound to it than THE BROKEN and RED EYED ROMANCE. The vocals are drowning amongst themselves at times. May be able to change that issue in the mix? The overall sound is very upbeat.

"At the stroke of midnight, kiss your shadow good-bye.....let go...when you're not yourself in your own you destruction lies escape....when the old is new again....At the stroke of midnight let go." Writing about the lessons they are learning in life.



The beginning sounds like a symphony and blends into their familiar sound that is very much like that of Paramour.

"What is left, could be right, so close your eyes and hold on tight." Taking the word of another to guide you through the unknown sounds like friendship. "In the end we are all the same....all together we will risk it all....