Dagger is a Metal Rock "N Roll band from Tempe, AZ that has been playing on and off for twenty-five years. The band is composed of: Howie Macreno - Lead Vocals, Joseph Mente - Bass, John Harper - Drums, Scott Allan - Guitars, and Bill Mehlhouse - Lead Guitars. It was refreshing to hear music that was unlike another artist, e.g. Nickleback, Poison, etc...

Scott was telling me about how the line up was not what was listed on their Reverb Nation site, "Our original lead guitarist Gary/Garrison Vest left the band in late 2010 to focus more time on his growing family. Our current lead guitarist is Bill Mehlhouse, and has been with us since then. Oddly enough with the band starting in 1987 and all of us knowing each other for so long, Bill and I have known each other the longest!"

Although Howie is slick-headed, his vocals are very sharp and clear. In a large crowd, I would not be surprised to see crowd surfing and possibly mosh pits. All the same the music is as close their hearts as with any other artist.


John sees to it that there is someone close by at all times, as when he is dumming, he has the tendency to send the symbols flying like a spaceship. He did not do so at Rocklahoma, but when he grabbed it, it did slice his finger. The lengths they go to to entertain us!

Scott takes his daughter with him everywhere he goes. The beautiful portrait tattoo of his 9 year old daughter is on his right arm. I asked him about it and as a mother I was so proud to see a father talk about his daughter like that. During our interview he even called to check on her. Scott replied, "she was more interested in her pizza."

Usually playing local clubs and venues, Rocklahoma was a long drive for these men. Leaving family behind for the love and persuit of music, Dagger was on the Jägermeister stage on Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 5:00 P.M. and they also performed on the Axis stage on Saturday, May 26, 2012 at 2:00 P.M.

With there being five stages at Rocklahoma this year, counting the Axis stage and the Jägermeister stage, it was difficult to see every concert performed, but I was present for both of Dagger's performances and would love to see them return to the stages of Rocklahoma for years to come.

After each performance and throughout the festival, the members were making sure that the fans were aware of their music. Check out http://www.reverbnation.com/daggeraz for more information and any tour dates in your area.